Medicaid is a jointly funded, Federal-State health insurance program for low-income and needy individuals. It covers children, the aged, blind, and/or disabled and other low-income individuals who are eligible to receive federally assisted income maintenance payments.

Who Qualifies for Coverage?

The following individuals may qualify for Medicaid coverage in Ohio:

  • Individuals with low-income
  • Pregnant women, infants, and children
  • Older adults
  • Individuals with disabilities

To be eligible for coverage, you must:

  • Be a United States citizen or meet Medicaid citizenship requirements. Your local county Job and Family Services office can help to explain these requirements and can help get you enrolled.
  • Have or get a Social Security number.
  • Be an Ohio resident.
  • Meet financial requirements. Even if you are not sure that you or your family will qualify for coverage, you should still apply. Learn more about the financial requirements of different programs or view examples of financial eligibility by monthly income.

Non-U.S. citizens may be eligible for Alien Emergency Medical Assistance or Refugee Medical Assistance.